Monday, February 29, 2016

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Ombre Lips

Gradients and ombre have been super popular the last few years. Everything from nails to hair have gotten the ombre treatment. It's the perfect way to add extra color, but with a smooth transition. One ombre look I am been loving is ombre lips. Now that I have gotten into lippies (I used to be strictly a chapstick girl), I have been enjoying playing around with colors, and ombre is next on my list!

Makeup Monday Must Haves: Ombre Lips

There are lots of way to achieve the ombre lip look. One way is with an ombre lip color set. These sets have two lippie colors that you can blend together. Other companies are selling dual-color lippies, so you can apply both colors of the ombre at once. Finally, you can create the ombre look by mixing a little black to darken, and a little white to lighten, to one shade of lipstick you already have. Now you have three shades of the same color for the perfect ombre lip.

Do you like the ombre lipstick trend? Which of the three methods have you tried?

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