Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Guest Post: NailsLikeLace

As I have mentioned, Ben and I just bought our first house! It's such an exciting time, but also an extremely busy time. I decided that to keep my blog running, I needed a little help. That's why I have asked for a few guest posters to join me here for a couple of weeks while I move and get settled into my new home. I am very excited to have Amber from NailsLikeLace here as my first guest post!
Hello fantastic Claws Up'ers! Amber here from NailsLikeLace. I'm thrilled and honored to be posting for Jacqueline today! I've known her for years and just love her spunky style.

I knew I needed to push the limits and try something unique to fit in here, so I went with a water marble.



I used three Flower brand polishes for my marble: Thistle or That?, May Flowers, and Beige Beauty. They turned out more subtle than I planned, but I was really digging it, so I kept going and added some fun half moon flowers with pastel teardrop and circle studs in matching colors. Because who doesn't think studs when they think Claws Up!?


And in typical NailsLikeLace fashion, I had to know how it would look with a matte topcoat too, and can't decide which version I like better! What do you think, matte or shiny?


Thanks for having me here today, I had fun! XOXO's for infinity to your fearless leader as well!


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