Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Said Yes To The Dress!

Just over a week ago I traveled to New York for the day that all girls spend their whole life dreaming about, trying on wedding dresses! I had seen a dress on Say Yes To The Dress a year ago, and it was so beautiful, I knew I needed to try it on. My mom found a place in New York (no, not Kleinfeld's), that had the dress, and we made an appointment.

What to wear to go wedding dress shopping.

After weeks of excitement and anticipation, the day had finally arrived! Ben and I drove up to New York on a Friday evening, and stayed at my mom's house. The next morning the three of us woke up early and headed into the city. We had left ourselves a lot of time, so we got to the city way early. We stopped at Macaron Cafe for some coffee, and we couldn't resist getting some gorgeous, and delicious, macarons!

French macarons from Macaron Cafe in New York City.

They even had a flavor called Wedding Almond! It was meant to be!

Then it was time to say bye to Ben, and he headed over to hang out in Central Park, and my mom and I went to our appointment.

Wedding dress shopping at Amsale Salon in New York.

Kenneth Pool Wedding dresses at Amsale Salon in New York.

They only schedule one bride at a time, so we had the whole, small, salon to ourselves. After looking around, the sales consultant brought in the dress I was there for. I also picked out another dress to try, and we went into the dressing room.

Wedding dress shopping at Amsale Salon in New York.

After trying on both dresses, my mom and I were pretty torn. I asked the sales consultant to bring out something completely different, something that I would never pick for myself, and boy did she! Seeing that ugly dress on made the choice between the other two easy.

I said yes to the dress!

Kenneth Pool Wedding dresses at Amsale Salon in New York.

All of the sales consultants came around to see me in the dress, and helped me put on my wedding shoes and a veil. We all celebrated with a glass of champagne.

Kenneth Pool Wedding dresses at Amsale Salon in New York.

After my appointment, my mom and I met back up with Ben for lunch, who was waiting for me with a rose! We got lunch, and then it was time to say bye to my mom, while Ben and I went to see School of Rock on Broadway. It was amazing! I was so impressed at how amazing the kids were. They were all singing and playing their instruments live!

School of Rock on Broadway.

School of Rock on Broadway.

As I keep planning our wedding and hitting new milestones, it becomes more and more surreal. I have been planning my wedding since I knew what a wedding was. And out of all the parts of the wedding from the cake, to the flowers, every girl spend most of her time thinking about the dress. I can't wait to finally get to wear it in exactly one year and one month!

Do you dream about your perfect wedding dress? If you could have any dress, what would it be?
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