Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Our First Home

Back at the end of March, Ben and I finally moved into our first house. It took a couple of months for us to get all unpacked and settled . We also had to wait for all of our new furniture to get here, put up our decorations, paint, and fix everything that was broken. Now that our house finally looks like a home, I wanted to share some photos!

Cute coastal home

Back yard with many trees and a large shed

Beach decor guest room
Guest Room

Nail art room with Lady Gaga decorations
Office/Nail Room

Purple and grey decor in master bedroom
Master Bedroom

Makeup Vanity
My Vanity

Blue, brown, and green floral theme in dining room
Dining Room

Halloween decor in breakfast nook in kitchen
Breakfast Nook. Yes, my kitchen is Halloween themed. Did you expect anything different from me?

Halloween decor in black, white, and gray kitchen

Whale and boat nautical decor in bathroom
Downstairs Bathroom

Black and white decor in master bathrom
Master Bathroom

Blue, green, and brown decor in living room with vaulted ceiling.
Living room (and a sleepy Muffin)

While our home doesn't have all the bells and whistles we were looking for, I still think we got really lucky. Our house is super cute, and perfect for our lives right now.  With how difficult the whole process was, start to finish, I am so grateful for our first home!

Have you bought a house? How would you decorate your first home?

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