Wednesday, September 28, 2016

5k Glow Run: Post Race Recap

I ran my very first 5k on Saturday: the Glow Run. It was a nighttime race with a glow in the dark and neon theme. I have been training and looking forward to the race for months, and now that it's over, I wanted to share my experiences.

What to wear to a glow run 5k

Ben and I got all dressed up, and got to the race location early for our packet and bib pickup. While we waited for the race to start, we walked around some of the tables. One table we stopped at was one where you use household items to try and make something that will stay afloat in a wind tunnel. I had to make my rocket scientist fiance try it!

Makeup for a glow run 5k

Glowing tutu for a glow run 5k

While we were walking around, Spider-man showed up. He is my favorite superhero so I was totally geeking out! I am pretty sure I was more excited than the kids that were there. Then the host of the race brought people up to celebrate birthdays. anniversaries, and give out prizes.

The glow run 5k

The glow run 5k

It was finally time for the race to start. We all got situated and then began to run. The race began through the nearby roads. Ben and I found our pace and before I knew it we already hit the 1 mile mark. After the first mile, the path took us into a running trail. The trail had a few rolling hills, which was challenging, but still fun. We finished the race off back on the road, and across the finish line.

The glow run 5k

Running through the finish line was really fun. There were lasers and fog, the host of the race cheered us on, we got our medals, and they took a photo as each person finished. Our time was 33.5 minutes! When we trained, we were taking between 37 and 42 minutes, so I was shocked and proud of how well we did!

The glow run 5k

Overall I had an amazing time! I was so worried that I wasn't going to have fun since I always felt awful when we did our weekly training runs. I think all the excitement of the race really got to me, and I felt great the whole time, and had so much fun!

The glow run 5k

Around this time last year, Ben and I started on this journey by taking strolls and jogs after work. I was determined then that I would run a 5k within the year and I did it! I can't wait to do it again. This time my goal is to run a "regular" 5k, not a fun run, that is officially timed.

Have you ran a 5k? What goals are you working towards?

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