Saturday, September 10, 2016

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Every year, Ben and I like to go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. If you have never been to a Ren Faire, its basically a lot of people dressed up, Shakespeare plays, jousting, great food, and shops. It's a lot of fun talking to people and pretending like I'm back in time. Plus I enjoy any event where I get to dress up.

What to wear to a Renaissance fair

The king giving a speech during the vow renewal ceremony at the Globe theater at the Renaissance fair

Vow renewal ceremony at the Maryland Renaissance fair

The day we went, they were holding a vow renewal ceremony. The King came out and gave a nice speech about love, they played music, and they did readings from Shakespeare plays and sonnets. We then all held our partner's hands, and recited vows. I joked that since Ben and I are not married yet, but we exchanged vows, that this was our wedding!

Drinking mead at the Maryland Renaissance fair

We like to get mead when we go, which is an alcoholic drink they drank at the time made from fermented honey and fruit. It is kind of like a white wine, but Ben and I are not big fans of wine. This time we got two mixed drinks, one that was half mead and half beer, and the other was half mead and half cider. They were both amazing!

Another thing Ben and I love to do at the Ren Faire is eat a lot of really good food. I had fried mac and cheese on a stick, fried green beans, and a spinach pocket. For dessert we had funnel cake and a pumpkin tart. Yum!

We also like to spend time walking around and visiting all the shops. Some of my favorite things we bought this year was a lavender filed pillow with a Scorpio print, and a beautiful opal necklace. I also got some lotion, healing crystals, and honey.

Jousting at the Maryland Renaissance fair

Archery at the Maryland Renaissance fair

We finished the day watching some jousting, and an archery demonstration.

Overall we had a really great time, I couldn't believe how fast the day went! I am already excited to go back again next year.

Have you have been to a Ren Faire? What is your favorite thing to do there?

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