Saturday, April 22, 2017

Muffin's (Almost) 18th Birthday + Tattoo

I have mentioned it a few times on the blog, but my very special kitty, Muffin, passed away about a month ago. Her birthday is on March 31st, and every year I had a special celebration for her. As she got older she got more spoiled, and I gave her a special dinner, a gift, and a cupcake for each birthday. Some years, even my mom would send her a gift!

Cat 18th birthday party

Last month would have been her 18th birthday. We had a sweet 16 for her, and since she was going to become a legal adult this year, I wanted to do something special to celebrate that milestone. Ideas that ran through my head were to get her fake cigarettes, or a voting ballot. I also thought about some kind of fake tattoo for her. The it hit me, I should get a tattoo for her 18th birthday, just like I got a tattoo on mine! Brilliant! The next week I set up a tattoo appointment for April 1st

Cat 18th birthday party

We found out she was sick a little over a week before her 18th birthday. We knew then that she wouldn't make it to her big day, so we decide to have a little early celebration. We said goodbye to her a few days later. On March 31st, what would have been her 18th birthday, I picked up her ashes from the vet.

Cat 18th birthday party

The next day, I still went to my tattoo appointment. What was originally planned to be a fun birthday tattoo ended up being a memorial tattoo. While I wish I could have gotten it while she was still with us, it still a special tattoo, but just in a different way.

Cat portrate tattoo with rose and mandala

I miss my baby everyday and it's still very hard without her. I do feel a little better now knowing that she will be my my side forever.

Cat portrate tattoo with rose and mandala

Have you gotten a memorial tattoo? How do you celebrate your pets' birthday?
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