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May 27, 2017 Best Day Ever!

Just a few days ago, Ben and I officially reached one month of marriage. Since I have been sharing my wedding planning journey on the blog, it was only fitting to use this milestone as an opportunity to share my wedding day.

Matching personalized bride and bridesmaids shirts for getting ready.

After barely getting any sleep, I woke up in a hotel room I shared that night with my maid of honor, Sara, and my bridesmaid, Kayla. When we woke up, I gave them each a shirt with their initial on the front and title on the back, and I put on a matching shirt in white. We relaxed all morning, before the stylists came to do our hair and makeup in the afternoon. Soon, it was time to head to the venue.

Getting ready for wedding

I got the finishing touches done to my hair and makeup, and then it was time for all of us to get dressed. All through the morning and afternoon I was getting worried as the weather called for 50% chance of rain, and it had been raining on and off. Luckily, there was a break in the rain long enough for the girls and guys to get their photos taken. Unfortunately, guests has started to arrive, and one even saw me in my dress before the wedding! I had to run through the pool deck to the back entrance of the bridal suite to make a quick getaway before more guests came.

Kenneth Pool Sonya wedding dress.

In the midst of getting dress I hear my brother, Ben's groomsman yell "I have the wrong pants!" Apparently his tuxedo pants were different than Ben and his best man, Scott. With Kayla's quick thinking, Ben and my brother switched pants, so the two groomsmen would match. Once the wardrobe malfunction was fixed, I sent Kayla to the guy's room to give Ben a card and a small gift. Our wedding day was also our 8 year dating anniversary, so I wanted to surprise him.

Red and turquoise bride and bridesmaids shoes.

Just before the ceremony began, I asked Ben's dad, my dad, and my mom to come in to see me so I could give them each a gift. It was then time to line up and make our way down the aisle.

I later found out that 20 minutes before the wedding it had started to rain! Luckily it stopped before it was time to start the ceremony, and didn't rain the rest of the night. We got so lucky!

Wedding cake with red accents and walrus take topper.

As I took my final steps as a single woman, looking out at our friends and family, I was filled with so many different emotions. Finally, I stood next to Ben, under the chuppah, in front of the rabbi. After beautiful words from the rabbi, saying our vows, it was time to kiss and run back down the aisle.

Jewish wedding with chuppah.

Spring wedding in Virginia.

After photos 'til my face hurt, it was time for the reception. Ben and I entered and went right into our first dance. Other highlights of the night included the father daughter dance, Ben dancing with my mom, the cake cutting, toasts, the shoe game, and the bouquet and garter toss.

Wedding party picture.

Ben and I had a wonderful time at our wedding, and it was nearly perfect with only minor mishaps that turned out to be OK in the end. I thought that after being together for 8 years and living together for 4 years that being married would be no big deal, but I really did feel different. In the end, this was truly my dream wedding come true.

Silly wedding party picture with siblings.

Spring wedding in Virginia.

Sorry for the long and wordy post, I am sure most of you are content with just looking at the photos (and I don't blame you, our photographer Kelly was amazing!). However, I did want to share my experience on the blog for those that are interested, and because this is my place to share my life with you.

Spring wedding in Virginia.

Wedding cake cutting.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me!

What was your favorite part of your wedding? What would your dream wedding include?

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