Monday, May 12, 2014

This Little Monster Gets Crafty Part 2

Just one more sleep until the ARTPOP Ball at MSG (well maybe 2 or 3 sleeps if you count my naps in the car ride on the way to New York). I am spending the day getting everything packed, and of course painting my nails. Once I return from the concert I will post my nails, makeup, and full outfit, but for now I promised you the piece that I have created for the ARTPOP Ball.

As soon as I got tickets, I started dreaming up ideas of what I wanted to make. Gaga has been telling us to get our seashell bikinis ready, so that is exactly what I did!


I got some rhinestones, seashells, a glue gun, and I got to work. With this craft project, I just made stuff up as I went along. I just tried to fit in the pieces of the puzzle, and with some trial and error I found something that worked.






As you can see I had some difficulties with the middle part of the bra. Sadly the fabric was too flimsy, and the bra was too heavy, and nothing that I stuck to it stayed. Even without getting to use the blue glass or filling in the middle, I am still really happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to rock my seashell bikini and I can't wait for the ARTPOP Ball!

After the concert tomorrow night, I drive back to Virginia on Wednesday, and then Thursday I officially start my new job! Lots of exciting things are coming up, but I will return soon with lots of photos and updates!

What do you think of my ARTPOP craft project?

Claws (and again, Paws) Up!

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