Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Beauty Buffs: Neutral

I interrupt your regularly scheduled Halloween post to bring you this week's The Beauty Buffs post! This week's theme is all about neutral colors. Neutrals are basic colors that can be paired with any other color. They are staples that every person needs to have in their wardrobe.

When I think of neutrals, the first color that pops into my head is cream, but they can also be black, white, grey, brown, even navy (like jeans). That's one of the reasons I love leopard print so much, it is made entirely of neutrals so it can be paired with anything!

I struggled a bit with this post. I know that neutrals are necessary, but I am more of a color girl. In the end, I decided to style a neutral dress. I wanted to show how with some pops of color, neutral can still be a statement maker!


I started with a gorgeous cream colored lace dress. To balance out the softness of the dress, I paired it with a black faux leather jacket. Since it is getting chilly out this fall, I added a pair of polka dot tights. There was no way I wan't going to add in my favorite neutral: leopard print! Aren't these flats the cutest? This neutral outfit was screaming for a pop of color, so I finished off with some red accents.

Even though I'm not a neutral girl, I would definitively wear this look. Just by adding a few contrasting pieces, and some pops of color, neutrals can stand their ground even next to the boldest of looks.

Are you a fan of neutrals or colors? What do you think of this neutral look?

Claws Up!

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