Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Makeup Looks: The Love in her Eyes

There's nothing better than love, and that's why I love Valentine's day. It's a day to celebrate all love, not just for your significant other, but for your family, your pets, and your friends. Some people hate the day because it's "single's awareness day", but to me, it's just love awareness day!

Every year I get a big Valentine's day care package from my mom. The requirements are that it has to have Reese's and a stuffed animal. She usually throws in an outfit to wear for my date with Ben, and a bunch of other fun things. In my box this year, I got a pretty red shimmer eyeshadow, and I knew I needed to use it in a Valentine's day makeup look. I already did more generic Valentine's makeup, so this time I went for a more fun and traditional look for the holiday.







You know, if I didn't add the hearts, this could actually be a pretty wearable Valentine's day makeup look. But I wanted to go for a more fun look, and I think I achieved it. I love the red eyeshadow my mom got me, it's the perfect shade for a fun look, but it could also be toned down if I wanted to use it to create a more wearable look too.

How are you going to celebrate Valentine's day? What makeup will you wear for the big day?

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